Well, I have decided to give up my Bio-IP.com site on TypePad and switch to PatentBaristas.com on a new hosting service running on MovableType. I like the idea of having the flexibility of MT and my new hosting service on iPowerWeb provides plenty of bandwidth.

Many thanks to Christina at Moxie Design Studios for helping to set up such a fun site. If you like the new design, drop me a note and let me know what you think. Take a look around, relax over a cup of joe and enjoy.

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  1. This is, quite possibly the most original idea I’ve come across for a legal blog. Brilliantly executed! Just wanted to give you guys the props you deserve. Keep it coming!

    Carey @ ipnewsblog.com

  2. Just tootled over from the moxie site–I check now and again to look at their new designs. This is GORGEOUS!!!