The Intellectual Property Owners (IPO) announced a call for nominations for their 32nd National Inventors of the Year Award. See the brochure here.

An inventor is eligible for the 2005 award if the invention:

  1. Originated in the U.S.;
  2. Is covered by a U.S. patent; and
  3. Was either patented or first made commercially available since the beginning of 2001.

Nominations are solicited from independent inventors and from inventors employed in industry, universities, and government. Nominees should epitomize the American traditions of technological leadership and "Yankee ingenuity." The IPO publicizes Inventors of the Year with an awards ceremony, which this year is scheduled to be held on Capitol Hill on June 14, 2005. In addition to promoting recognition, IPO provides a $10,000 honorarium to be shared by the winners.

The Deadline for Entries is March 24, 2005.

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