I’m sure that you have already heard about last Sunday?s massive earthquake and tsunami. It is expected to become the largest ever as the death toll continues to climb and now tops 115,000 victims, according to the United Nations. Millions of others are now homeless and without the basics needed for survival including food, water, […]

In a bit of shameless self-promotion, I wanted to post the following press release from my firm: Frost Brown Todd LLC, the region?s largest law firm in pleased to announce that eleven attorneys have been named Partners of the Firm effective January 1, 2005.  Frost Brown Todd has 370 + attorneys in seven offices located […]

In In re Crish, No. 04-1075 (Fed Cir. December 21, 2004), Crish filed a patent application for purified DNA molecules having promoter activity for the human involucrin gene (hINV). The Federal Circuit held that the claims were anticipated by two other publications that disclosed the complete structure of hINV. The claimed invention relates to purified […]

I want to wish everyone a Happy Festivus. In case you don’t remember the history of Festivus from the show "Seinfeld," Frank Costanza went to buy a doll for his son one Christmas. He went to reach for the last one at the same time as another man and as Frank rained blows upon him, […]

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center will begin making investments in biotech companies built around technologies originally developed at the medical center. Cincinnati Children’s Tomorrow Fund will provide early-stage angel and seed capital to new Cincinnati-based companies to develop to the point where traditional venture capital and other funding is attainable. The Tomorrow Fund received $500,000 […]

U.S. District Court Judge Gregory M. Sleet ended the stem cell patent suit by PharmaStem Therapeutics, Inc. against CorCell, Inc. and numerous private umbilical cord blood banks for infringement of its patents 5,004,681 and 5,192,553. Judge Sleet stated that, "There was no legally sufficient evidentiary basis for a reasonable jury to find that all, or […]

I just tried out FreshPatents.Com, a patent keyword monitoring offered as a free service. You can monitor just your niche, for example, under the category "Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions" with recently published patent applications available by RSS feed and e-mail. The listing format includes USPTO National Class full category number, link to abstract/description, […]

The recently enacted Cooperative Research and Technology Enhancement (CREATE) Act of 2004, amends Federal patent law in an effort to promote collaborative research, particularly between scientists at separate universities and between industry and university scientists. This new law provides that sharing of confidential information under a joint research agreement that was in effect on or […]